Unit 1 – Basics of child nutrition

In this unit I will learn how to:

  1. differentiate the dietary requirements of the children according to their age
  2. differentiate the basics of a healthy and sustainable food choice
  3. understand how the energy curve changes over the day

Introduction into the topic

When children experience the fun of eating at the family and in the daycare center, they develop a balanced nutritional behavior quite naturally. The most important rule is that the adults determine what is served and the child decides what it eats from this. Free according to the motto: stimulate the taste - accept rejection. This means all rules and tables are indications how the offer should be designed, here is the responsibility with the adults or the day care center. But keep in mind: Children "tick" not according to tables: deviations from the suggested amounts and values are therefore no drama, they are only the guard rails in which each child develops individually.

Based on scientific knowledge, basic rules were developed as to how the meals should be arranged in the day care center. They serve as a basis for creating a meaningful diet plan when a day care center cooks or to assess the offer of a caterer.

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