The aim of the Transnational Strategic Partnership called “Sustainable food in kindergartens – e-learning for pedagogues, caterers and kitchen staff” is to develop an integrated multidisciplinary teaching and learning curriculum for kindergarten pedagogues, caterers and kitchen staff, in the form of an on-line e-learning course “SusFood”, and transfer it to seven partner countries.

The e-learning course will link food, culture, health, and the environment, enriching school environment, linking children learning and well-being and enhancing their understanding about the natural world.

  • Module 1 – The key role of kindergarten staff to change food habits

    This module provides kindergarten staff tools to identify their role to create an awareness of a healthy, socially and ecologically...

  • Module 2: How to raise quality and make food more sustainable

    Unit 1: Understand the Basics of child nutrition

  • Module 3 – Outdoor learning

    This module will investigate some of the outdoor learning opportunities that are available to kindergarten staff in order...

  • Module 4 – Food taste and intercultural eating skills

    Food is a characteristic way human beings discovered to get in touch, know each other, exchange opinions. Kindergartens are...

  • Module 5 – How to communicate with and inspire parents

    This module will give you some basic ideas on how to make teachers and parents work together in order to maximize the educational...

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