Chapter 3 – Strategies to keep the costs in its limits

Kindergarten kitchen staff in most countries has a fixed budget to buy food for the weekly meals.

In this chapter, you can learn some strategies that are developed and realized in cooperation with kindergarten kitchens that show how sustainable food can be introduced without the risk of a cost-explosion.


The strategies to keep the costs in its limits have been developed over several years of practical work with kindergarten kitchens. If you combine the strategies with each other it is possible to integrate at least 10-20% more sustainable food (organic, regional, fair trade…) into your meal plan without lifting the costs out of its limits.

Where to buy sustainable food?

Tips for the way of proceeding:

  • Ask as a first step your conventional supplier if he delivers biologic, fair trade products, too?
  • Contact different supplier and compare the prices based on the range of goods.
  • Are there advices of regional products or of the country of the origin of the products in the order lists?
  • Order a delivery to test if you are satisfied with the quality and the delivering methods.
  • There are providers (e.g. Box delivery service) who offer smaller amounts than wholesaler.
  • We recommend you to strive for long-term conditions of delivery, personal contact and mutual trust.
  • Start your change step by step.
  • Keep in mind that the idea of “fair trade” is the leading idea along the value chain. Here in Europe and in the so called third world countries. 

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