Module 2 – How to raise quality and make food more sustainable


Requirements for a balanced diet

Strategies to keep the costs in its limits

​Material Milk test game

Material Milk test game (pdf)

​Milk test 

Milk test (pdf)

seed booklet

seed booklet (pdf)


stutenkerl (pdf)

Further reading

Daily plan for age groups:

Brochure Bio in the crib:

Photographs showing examples of implementing the issue into real life:

Nutritional recommendations children

Additional Information Nr. 1 D-A-C-H reference values for nutrient intake (docx - 74kB)

Additional Information Nr 2: Specialties for the nutrition of small children (0-3 years) (docx - 74kB)

Additional Information Nr 3: Other issues of healthy food (docx - 75kB)

General nutritional rules by WHO

Food and nutrition policy for schools

Background organic farmingFair trade

Principles of organic farming

Background Fair trade


Fair Trade Germany:

Naturland fair:

Links with more information:

Background Sustainable Fish

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