Breakfast (and dinner)

The first meal in the day care center is usually the breakfast. Either the daycare offers a balanced breakfast or the children bring their filled breadboxes with them. If the daycare prepares breakfast, it should be complete and healthy. If the breakfast is brought, it is recommended that the day care center distributes a positive list with the desired contents / food to the parents. A positive list is always more motivating and inspiring than a ban list. The evening bread should be designed according to the same rules, if the lunch was a warm meal.

Breakfast is the main important meal for a good start to the day:

  • energy reserves are filled
  • it brings performance and concentration
  • without or with an unhealthy breakfast, children can be tired, not concentrated and sluggish

This is how the breakfast (dinner) looks, the 4 building blocks for a healthy and balanced breakfast:

  • drinks e.g. water or herbal tea
  • cereal products e.g. whole meal bread or muesli
  • fruit and raw food e.g. apple, banana, tomato, carrot, cucumber
  • Milk and dairy products like yoghurt, cheese or curd cheese should be eaten more sparingly

Source: OptimiX (

Ideas for breakfast:

  • muesli with milk and fruit
  • Whole meal bread with cheese and vegetable strips, fruit and 1 glass of milk
  • Whole meal toast with fresh cheese and fruit slices, 1 glass of juice
  • Cereals with yoghurt and dried fruits, 1 glass of juice

Whole meal bread with spicy spread and cucumber slices, fruit, 1 glass of 

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