Chapter 2 – Funding options

School Food Markets

This exciting initiative involves local food producers setting up stalls at the schools and selling their produce to parents and member of the community.  Often the school will charge local producers a small fee for a stall, which can then be used to fund visits to farms.  Schools will also have their own stalls selling produce grown in the school grounds or crafts produced by the children. The income generated from these stalls can also go towards funding the farm visit.

Sell your old tech

Everyone has got an old mobile phone tucked away in a drawer somewhere. You may consider using one of the many websites on the internet to sell your old phones to raise funds for farm visits. There are loads of sites that buy a range of unwanted consumer electronics, as well as old CD’s. Maybe you could ask parents for any old items and then sell them to one of the many companies out there?

Local trusts, societies and agricultural colleges

It is a good idea to investigate opportunities in your local community for outdoor education.  There are many charities, trusts and societies across the UK that may be able to offer you funding towards schools visits, provide you with in-school activities or even provide free services on their sites.  Agricultural shows and colleges in your local area may also be able to offer some support for farm education so why not get in touch with them?  

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