Chapter 3 – Kindergartens without kitchen staff

Whether the food is freshly cooked or brought by a caterer - the quality of the food, which ultimately comes to the table for children, is crucial. Thus, when selecting a caterer - in addition to the use of organic - it is important to negotiate the quality of the delivered food. The question whether cooked in the day care center or catering is often not a question of personal attitudes, but primarily depends on the personnel key or the existing budget of the institution. All the catering systems - whether on-site cooking, frozen or hot food - have their advantages and disadvantages. Check with the vendors and ask for organic food. As demand increases, the caterers usually adapt to customer requirements.

Warming times, the absence of additives, the absence of genetically modified food, the involvement of parents and children in the preparation of meals, and flexibility in reordering are only a few more points which should be clarified. Consider the caterer as a partner with whom you develop the catering concept of your facility in dialogue.

Possibilities for a fresh preparation despite caterer (breakfast, snacks, side dishes)

Anyone who is supplied with a meal by a warm-food or cold-food producer can prepare and offer fresh food and raw food, around the hot food itself, with the help of simple means. Suitable for this are, for example, the following side dishes: fresh potatoes, whole grain cereals, whole grain noodles, millet or grain. In addition, vegetables can be steamed to a small extent. A salad and raw food offer brings freshness to the food. Salads, vegetable sticks, fruit spits or fruit salads are a great way to offer the children vitamins and minerals.

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