Module 1 – The key role of kindergarten staff to change food habits


Activitivity sheets


References/resource list:

  • Child-oriented Catering, Leonardo da Vinci Project. Tools for educators, child care and caterers; link: (German and English)
  • Fachstelle PEP (ed.): PEP – Gemeinsam Essen, handbook from Switzerland with special focus on the influence of pedagogues and kitchen staff on eating habits and eating culture in schools, Link: (German)
  • Marianne Maier: Beim Essen Achtsamkeit lernen und Körper und Seele in Einklang bringen. In: TPS Ausgabe 1 2008, S. 23–25. (German)
  • Nutgecs: A Nutrition Guide for Early Childhood Active Stakeholders, Leonardo da Vinci Project; link: (English)
  • Universität Paderborn, Verbraucherzentrale Nordrhein-Westfalen: Wertschätzung und Verschwendung von Lebensmitteln. Information, paedagogical tools and methods to topic area food waste and rise of estimation of foodstuff in children; link: (German)
  • Volker Pudel: „Ketchup, Bigmac, Gummibärli“ , 1995, Quadriga-Verlag (German)

Further reading

A list of Good Practices in Europe and beyond in the area of food in kindergartens

Bulgarian Journal of Public Health 

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