Module 3 - key actions


  • involve parents in your plans for the garden and communicate how their children will benefit from outdoor play and learning. Seek out and use the expertise and skills of parents.
  • Even before going out into the garden, establish some basic ground rules with the children and ensure they have clothing appropriate to the weather conditions.
  • Select the correct-sized tool for the child. Avoid the use of sharp and / or mechanical items.
  • Provide hand-washing facilities, through the use of the use of liquid soap, warm water, and paper towels. There are some risks associated with soil mainly bacteria arising from animal faeces, so ensure children always wash their hands when they are finished and always before eating and drinking. You also need somewhere to wash mud from wellies, tools and equipment too.


  • identify suitable farms and carry out a pre-visit to ensure the farm has suitable activities and hand washing facilities.
  • work out a budget for the cost of the farm visit (free or charged for) and the cost of transport .
  • emphasise the need for pupils to come prepared with appropriate clothing including wellington boots, sun lotion, rain coat, sun hat and a water .
  • develop ideas to link the farm visit into activities in the kindergarten including stories, artwork, songs and nursery rhymes.

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