Module 3 – Outdoor learning


Natural Learning Initiative. Benefits of Connecting Children with Nature: Why Naturalize Outdoor Learning Environments. North Carolina State University, 2012.


Pre-visit checklist - A useful checklist document for teachers to use when undertaking their initial administrative visit to the farm.

Sustaining farm links - A short document detiling ways in which repeat farm visits can become embedded into the kindergarten / school calendar. The document offers advice of paying for transport and visits.

Hochschule für Agrar- und Umweltpädagogik: Lots of short videos with the topic: vegetable, growing, using herbs for Kindergarten pedagogues. Link: and

Resource list:

Medienkindergarten Wien; Case studies and tools for kindergarten pedagogues with focus on exploring nature by using new media. Link

American Society of Landscape Architects, Health Benefits of Nature, 2018


Agrinido L'Orto dei Pulcini Organic farm and kindergarten in Italy.

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