Chapter 1 – Different systems at a glance

In addition to the quality of the food used, the type of food preparation is also important. The best taste and the highest amount of ingredients are obtained with systems that are cooked on the spot with fresh products (fresh or mixed kitchen). There are hardly any waiting times between preparation and consumption. If the food is not cooked on the spot, the food must be heated or kept warm. Important nutrients and a good consistency are often lost (warm food).

Ask where the supplier comes from, what system he uses, and how the kindergarten can provide raw food and fruit to compensate for possible vitamin losses. The regeneration systems (freezing system, cook & chill) protect the ingredients and should be prefer for nutritional physiological reasons. Disadvantages of mostly industrially manufactured products are the high energy consumption through the cold chain, as well as the possible imprinting of the taste by "finished food", which can affect into the adult age. Finally, finished products are more expensive than the fresh kitchen.

Fresh kitchen – everything is freshly prepared on the spot.

Mixed kitchen – Some of the products are freshly cooked and some are prefabricated (Convenience).

Regeneration systems – Pre-cooked food is cooled or refrigerated and heated in the day-care center (Cook & Chill).

Warm food – Pre-cooked food is delivered by a food provider warmly and distributed in the day care center.

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