In order to balance the nutrition plan for the children, the day-care center can follow the recommendations of the Bremen Institute for Prevention Research ( and the quality standards of the day care center of the DGE ( In the case of kindergartens in which self-cooking is carried out, the food for the older children should be planned in such a way that the pap for the toddler can also be prepared from it.

When a kindergarten cooks itself the kindergarten can shape the menu along a week's structure (see Requirements for a balanced diet). If the day care center has a caterer, it is possible to compare the weekly schedule with these recommendations. If a caterer has several meals a day, the management or a responsible educator must ensure that the food is ordered according to the checklist of these specifications.

Source: OptimiX (

The Optimix concept describes the lunch pyramid for the weekly food scheduling as shown above. It brings the diet plan for the week to the short form: Daily cooked vegetables + natural rice, whole grain noodles or potatoes, 2-3 times a week meat (70 g) and 1-2 times a week fish (70 g).

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