Module 4 – Food taste and intercultural eating skills

Food is a characteristic way human beings discovered to get in touch, know each other, exchange opinions. Kindergartens are typical places where families with young children meet and where their eating habits, religious background and rituals could be shown without offending neither the children,  nor the parents. To do that, kindergarten staff needs basic knowledge about how food could help them to manage relationship with families of migrants and refugees.

What is the goal of this module?

  1. how to realize that there are many factors that affect child´s eating behaviour.
  2. how is possible to realize a suitable and not traumatic weaning.
  3. how to have resort to Season Festivals to increase kinder awareness about their relationship with them self and with their own living community.

After finishing this module I will have learnt:

How to improve child´s eating behaviour through the role of teachers, peers and ambience 

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